Haley's Happenings

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Pix

There is a pastry shop in Portland. They have the best pastries! My mom and I got a little pastry, it had pudding in the inside and chocolate outside of it, Delicious!!!

Emma Brinton's Baptism

Emma B. got baptized this May. I am so proud of her! I still remember my baptism day, and I will always remember yours! You should keep a journal of what happened that day, and what you felt like. Well, I love you so much and hope this was a great experience for you, it was for me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Winnderson Cousin Camp 2010

These two are 2009 pics.

My aunt Shelly does this cousin camp every year. If I had to choose Disney Land or Cousin Camp I would pick cousin camp. This happened to my cousin and she picked cousin camp, that's how awesome it is! There is two rules in this cousin camp. First, non of our parents of aloud there. My aunt Shelly is alone with 20 kids, but the older kids are leaders and help. And second, ( for the boys) pee where the girls can't see (only one bathroom)! And, it is once a year for a week, with 20 cousins 8-13 years old. Here are some picture!